Im Leonardo Perez. Im a music composer, producer and sound engineer from Caracas. I currently live in Moscow and co-own DTH Studios and teach at Moscow Music School.

I perform in Laps Around The Sun, MyHoliday, Pobeda & Third Rome, produce artists and create music for cinema.

I also host the channels The Leo Perez Show and The Music Satellite
I went to a music high school founded by Emil Friedman in Caracas, Venezuela where I graduated in 2002. Played for 10 years french horn in the orchestra. While in high school I got interested in contemporary music. I started playing in bands in 1998 occupying all positions in the lineup. Since then I have developed several instruments in parallel and studied professional audio engineering and music arrangement in London.

I worked in the Venezuelan music scene between 99-07. After I moved to England where I studied Audio Engineering in SAE and Bass Guitar in the London Centre of Contemporary Music. After 6 years in London playing, assisting, recording, mixing, composing for media projects & working in sound design I moved to Budapest where I worked in Supersize Recording as a resident engineer till 2013.

In 2013 I moved to Moscow and I'm one of the head engineers & co-owners of DTH Studios. Between the period 2013-2020 I produced, recorded, mixed and master more than 100 releases, occupy the role of Teacher and Program leader at Moscow Music School, and worked with Zemfira as a drum tech, computer tech and FOH assistant during my "time outside the office".

I'm ever seeking to expand the area of influence of my work and to collaborate with projects all over the world. If you're looking for production, recording, instrument performances, reamping, mixing, mastering, music direction & arranging, have a look to samples of the previous releases where I was involved spanning from jazz, hip hop, vanguard, rock, punk, electronica, shoegaze, atmospheric to post-hardcore, prog, world music, latin & more.
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